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Why was my ID verification rejected?
Why was my ID verification rejected?

Here's how to successfully verify your identity(ID)

Written by Sileola
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If this is your first time or your ID document verification was rejected, here's what you should do to ensure a successful verification of your personal and business identity and profile on Beyonic.

You need to know what’s wrong so you can do what’s right!

Quality of your ID submission

It’s important that the information on your ID document is visible and that the image clearly shows your face. Before you make another attempt at verifying your ID:

  • The ID must belong to you, i.e. double-check whether the names filled in your profile and the ones on your selfie with the ID card are the same

  • Make sure your ID is not faded or in poor condition and that it features a clear and distinct photo of yourself.

  • The date of validity must be current, not expired, and should have at least 6 months left.

  • Make sure all sides and corners of the document are showing, with no part of the document cut out or covered.

  • Good lighting—not too bright, and no dark shadows either. Natural lighting is best; no flash, so try to take the images during the day. If the image is not right, the document might not be readable in part or in whole.

  • Take a photo of the original document only; no photocopies, colored or otherwise, and no scanned images either.

ID submission rejection

If your submission is reviewed but does not meet the requirements, it will be declined, and you will receive an email explaining the reason. You are then required to submit better, higher-quality images for all the necessary documents as per the instructions provided in the email. Below are the possible reasons for rejection:

No Selfie

If you submit your National ID without a selfie or with an incorrect selfie, it is an automatic rejection, and you would have to resubmit.

Face on your ID is a Mismatch for your Selfie

There are 3 images you have to submit for verification:

  1. A photo of the front (horizontal) side of your valid National ID

  2. A photo of the back (horizontal) side of your valid National ID

  3. A selfie with you holding your valid National ID, front side facing the camera

The photo of you on your valid National ID must match the selfie that you take with it and upload. If, during verification, the photo on your document appears different from your selfie, it will be rejected. Using a friend's ID for verification is not allowed.

If need be, please visit your ID authority to request a new one or reissue and submit again for verification.

The Registered Phone number is not in Your Name

We understand that sometimes there can be informal transfers of phone numbers between friends and family; however, in order to do our proper KYC Due Diligence, we strongly recommend that you use a phone number registered in your full legal name. This protects you from possible cases of identity theft or misuse and keeps our data records accurate.

Duplicate Accounts

You have previously created an account, and we noticed another, which goes against our terms and conditions. We retain the right to reject both old and new accounts.

Nature of Business

The Beyonic brand does not support multilevel marketing programs, crypto and forex trading, Ponzi schemes, or related activities on any of our platforms or services. We reserve the right to reject or terminate our provision of the Beyonic Services on your account.

Documents not supported

If your ID submission is rejected, it may also be because you have submitted an ID form we do not accept. Here are the ID forms not accepted for registration:

  • Residence permit

  • Student ID card

  • Work permit

  • Work/Service ID

  • Driver’s license

  • International Passport

Currently, you can only verify your identity with a Ugandan National ID card (front and back sides), along with a selfie holding it.

Please contact us at [email protected] if there are other reasons for your account verification not being listed here or any issues concerning your account.

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