Beyonic helps you collect from your contacts regardless of mobile money network. Collections are instant and end up in your Beyonic wallet instantly.

There are three ways that you can collect from your customers:

  1. Your business's collection link

  2. Custom collection link

  3. Collection prompt

Let's go into each of these briefly.

Your business's collection link

We provide you a unique link to a payment page that you can use anytime with your customers. It's a simple form that customers can use to pay you. The link never changes, so add it to your Instagram shop, your website, your WhatsApp status.

Custom collection link

Does someone owe you for goods or services? Send them a link to pay you. Just like the collection link, your customer can use this page to send you money. However, in this case, you specify the amount so that the customer pays you exactly what they owe you.

Collection prompt

Collecting in person? You can send a prompt directly to your customer's phone that they simply confirm. This will send a notification to the customer's phone instantly where they can confirm the amount and enter their mobile money PIN to send the funds to you.

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